We are currently compiling a selection of Testimonials from previous book projects. This page will be updated with more testimonials soon.

Testimonial for A Rollercoaster Ride by John Heal, written by John’s son, Ryan Heal:

“As Dad was about to turn 70, I wanted to do something truly special, memorable and unique to celebrate the milestone. I’d heard that Ian was the master at pulling these “family biographies” together so I duly got in touch.

“From that moment on, the process was seamless. I put Ian in touch with my Dad and many, many meetings ensued as he captured the highlights, and lowlights, of my Dad’s 70 years.

“As a family, we came together to supply Ian with enough material to sink a battleship so that he could pull together the full, complete picture. A few months later and the finished article was ready to publish, to the obvious excitement to the entire family. 

“Being able to give this gift to my Dad was incredibly special, he is now 76 and not in the best of health suffering with vascular dementia but every single visitor is greeted with the same line: “Can I show you my book?!?” Mission completed! 

“When family members pass away, so many people wish they had said this or said that to those recently departed. This book provided us with the perfect forum to tell Dad how much we loved him WHILE HE IS STILL WITH US. The fact that it is now captured in print forever is very powerful and will be treasured by our entire family for many years to come. 

“To anyone out there considering getting in touch with Ian to start your special book, don’t delay – you won’t regret it!”

Testimonial for My Story by Diana Pratt:

“The meetings with Ian were friendly and relaxing. He asked lots of questions but always made me feel very much at ease.

“The finished book was very professional and accurate. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the family.”